Suburban Lady

from by Eddie Japan



Suburban lady
gold SUV
No care in the world
looking so lovely
A fresh pedicure
says what you need to know
tucked elegantly
into her Manolo

Suburban lady
whitest of concerns
the privilege flows
and the money burns
What happened to
that undergrad degree?
Twenty years passed
with her curiosity

In the grand scheme of things
is it so very wrong
to spend an entire life
at not nothing much at all?
Why suffer?
Why despair?
Just pass the days
without a care

Suburban lady
fairy tale come true
But still so much longing
don’t know what to do
Thread counts and day spas
a life they do not make
Oh, how could it be?
There must be some mistake

All the money in the world
It could never fill this hole
All the money in the world
It could never still
all this desire
So much desire
so much desire


from Greatest Hits, released November 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Eddie Japan Boston

".. a contagious attitude of doing it up, and doing it up right that you can hear in the carnival swirls of ultra-melodic pop, latin-flavored bravado and cinematic ‘70s UK rock."


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